The JCI EDC G&D Masterclass

The  first edition JCI EDC Growth & Development Masterclass took place in November 2017, in Amsterdam, prior to the 2017 JCI World Congress.


This first edition was supported by the JCI Foundation and saw the collaboration of non- JCI trainers and facilitators who brought in elements around growth and development that are new to the 'JCI bubble' 


The Masterclass was curated by the 2017 EDC team and Co-Created with Miss Kaja Otto  from The Solution, Hamburg and Mr. Jonathan Dalli from The Concept Stadium, in Malta. Mr. Jonathan Dalli facilitated the Masterclass that was also produced for EDC and delivered by the 2017 EDC Chairperson Annalisa Schembri. 


Download the JCI EDC Masterclass 2017 Edition programme to understand more what this is all about.

Why a Masterclass?

Europe is changing. Our young people find themselves in need of continuously developing new personal skills and  generating problem solving savviness in order to keep being employable. 

Our European economy is no longer granting job stability for us young people, and while many sit and wait for a better time to come, active citizens see opportunity where challenges arise.

At JCI, we are the ones who can creatively resource success stories out of difficult realities. The social enterprise economy can be one of the many plausible solutions that address community needs and grants a just profit share. Our Nations are struggling in securing peace and prosperity – and this has been happening for over a decade now.

A solid community is built not only on a strong and fair economy but also on the value that its people bring to everyday life. This is the value that volunteers, around Europe, everyday contribute to the betterment of society and many, manage to fill in a lacuna that governments with their laws and lengthy processes end up not fulfilling.

Volunteers shine when crisis hits - being a natural crisis like earthquakes or flooding or a political crisis like migration and boarder closing. With the new shifts in European Politics and the fast changing job market needs, Europe is faced with a sheer need of active young people that can help shape a brighter future but most importantly have committed, motivated, open minded leaders that are moved by noble principles and core values that can truly make a difference in people’s lives.


Leadership is probably on of the top 3 features that Europe is lacking in.  Europe needs leaders that lead from the heart, leaders with a vision, leaders with their feet firm on the ground, in the present, but with their eyes set on a prosperous, just future.


JCI is the place where young people are developed, where their skill set and adaptability to problem solving is improved beyond belief through the projects they run and their contribution to communities.

We do believe that the impact of the JCI movement can really shape a brighter future while working on a tangible present.

This is where the responsibility of being a JCI member grows from a personal commitment to improve oneself into a global commitment to be a player in society and be present on decision making bodies. 


The idea of the JCI EDC Growth & Development Masterclass came out of a number of conversations the EDC team had with a number of National Presidents, Deputy presidents and local presidents at par, during the 2017 European Conference in Basel.


Many individuals reached out to engage into a conversation on how EDC can contribute to better what they do already, fix what they need help in fixing or even create a chamber from scratch.


In the past years, EDC has created a number of different programmes that can address these needs, but we truly believe that coming together and work intensely

on matters of Growth & Development is the most efficient and real way that can ignite a spark to give a little bit more, try a little bit harder and achieve what

before seemed complicated or too difficult to try.



The objectives of the JCI EDC Growth & Development Masterclass is to pause and focus, zoom in, in a deep way into the root of the problem on growth and development, not just in an insular way, within JCI but with the help of young Entrepreneurs who help us analyse in parallel with effective business models that are successful in growth. 



This Masterclass wants to build a space around exchange of knowledge and creating an exciting JCI space, reframing conversations around membership retention, creating and nurturing strong support systems to stop sabotaging oneself and the effort of the chambers but rather exploiting to the full the positive strategies that are already working.

The Masterclass also wants to entice conversations around constant innovation of communication of the JCI message and make it more applicable to the Millennial Generation, diving deep into tactics but also having conversations about the process to get there and the realisation that recruitment is constant and never stops.