OPEN CALL: Growth & Development Experts Program Applications


JCI European Development Council is looking for individual members to become Growth and Development Experts to support the growth and development in Europe, in local and national level. 


The purpose of the program is to build bigger pool of experts to work on growth and development matters locally, nationally and internationally, and work together with JCI European Development Council on specific tasks and assignments. Besides expanding the know-how and knowledge pool, when bringing people together, program also creates vital human resources to support growth and development in more communities and nations as currently.


In 2018 Growth and Development Experts Program will take place as a training weekend, which is arranged 15.-18.6.2018, prior to 2018 JCI European Conference in Riga, attached to Growth and Development Academy



• Good knowledge about growth and development matters in JCI, also in practise

• JCI CV/held positions supporting the accumulation of know-how on growth and development

• Effective delivery skills (as a trainer and a presenter)

• Experience in national level is seen as an advantage

• Has been member minimum 3 years

• In member age still at the end of 2020 (turning maximum 40 years old while 2020)

• Committed to the organization at least next 3 years

• Fluent written and spoken English

• Diligent, trustworthy and able work efficiently without constant supervision 

• Able to join Growth and Development Experts Program prior 2018 JCI European Conference 15th-18th of June.  



• Support the growth and development of Local and National Organizations for example by hosting training sessions and giving mentoring and guidance.

• Collaborating with JCI European Development Council on activities in general enhancing growth and development. 

• Be involved, if needed, in establishing new organizations. 

• Participate team (online) meetings 

• Growth and Development Experts serve under JCI European Development Council, under guidance of the Chairperson, if not otherwise specified.

• Compared to EDC Councillors, the duties of G&D Experts are task and assignment oriented and timewise focused intensively on around these specific tasks instead year-round constant continues effort a specified geographical area. G&D Experts don’t substitute the work EDC councillors do, e.g. in specific organizations, but support, assist and provide extra resource. 


What you can gain from the position

• Opportunities to develop growth and development skills and knowledge

• More  in depth knowledge about JCI in international level and creating overall view of JCI in Europe

• Getting excellent background to serve as JCI Councillor in the future

• Experiences to train and present, also internationally

• Getting ideas and motivation from the team, National Organizations, events and meetings.  

• Experience and visibility as asset to further JCI career


What else to know

• Based on applications, maximum 10 participants will be selected.

• It is expected that experts are available for their duties at least end of until 2020. 

• You may also serve in other JCI position, but you must make sure that you have time to take care all of your duties.

• There is no separate budget reserved for the experts. They are responsible e.g. for their own travels expenses to the training weekend (accommodation and food is covered). 

• The selection of participants to the program is done by JCI European Development Council Board.

• If while the training weekend issues relating the suitability of the person for the position occurs, JCI European Development Council Board has right to withdraw the person from the program. The same right remains while the entire program. 


How to apply? 

• Write a short application demonstrating your experience relating growth and development matters and highlighting your skills, experience and value for the position. Also state clearly the highest positions you have held in JCI –in local, national and international level.

• Describe also initial Plan of Action on what you could do as Growth and Development Expert

• Applications must be endorsed by National President of your National Organization (National President needs to send endorsement email to after applicant has submitted his/her application)

• Applications are send online here.

• Deadline to send the applications in extended till 8th April 2018


Here you can find the Call for Applications Paper. 


For further questions, contact:

Johanna Lundán

2018 JCI European Development Council Chairperson

+358 40 538 0433